AYoungGirlsFate (ayounggirlsfate) wrote in low_self_esteem,

The worst part of feeling low is how you got to feeling that low. Hearing that people call me an Anorexic Slut does not help at all. Looking into the mirror and seeing myself just makes me cringe. I want to break my mirror today. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe. I can only wish...
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I know how you feel people call me Anorexic and slut at least from school, but those are the people who doesnt know "life" untill they finally get into the "real world" at least you will know what "real life" is
I know. They don't know what it's like to live in this hell house of mine. I've been through more shit then they probably will. They're just chubby. GER. I feel fat now!
me to i've been thro a lott then they have i seen a person die at my house and watched people die, as a child it's not a cool thing to live with..just maybe they are fat =O or chubby... haha
Yeh. I've been through tough shit. I have too seen people die, as I was a child, and no, it isn't a pretty sight. And a lot of them are chubby/fat! =O