ihavedumbhair (ihavedumbhair) wrote in low_self_esteem,

hey, I'm new.

My friends and family tell me i'm pretty, but behind my back everyone says that i'm ugly, and it always gets back to me.


please, give me opinions. DO NOT LIE. if i'm ugly, rip me apart. i want to know waht to change.



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January 29 2006, 01:55:05 UTC 12 years ago

your not ugly at all ...you have a pretty eye shape and nice lips the only thing is you nose ...
you have most prettiest eyes

i'm not part of this comm, but i wanted to comment because you want honest answers, and I assume you want details too. i'm not trying to tear you down, nor am i trying to just reassure you or anything. i'm gonna say the bad and the good.

you have a bit of acne but that's probably normal if you're young, and even if you're an adult it's not particularily uncommon, but keep in mind it really alters how people see you when they first glance at you. you don't have much so it's not a huge problem, but it probably is a little noticeable. i'd look into some sort of skin cleansing thingy, but if you're a teenager that might not help for a while anyway.

i'm going to be honest, your nose is a bit large for typical beauty standards. just be glad it isn't as huge as mine! it suits your face pretty well and doesn't look BAD, but might give people with a grudge something a place to pick at possible insecurities, if you know what i mean? like they could use it against you if theyre mad at you or something, because its size could be considered a flaw for sure.

moving on to the good bits, though, i just generally like the shape of your face and the shapes of, well, all your features. i love how you have the thinner upper lip and the fuller lower, it's just really gorgeous. your eyes are nice too, and a very nice and sought-after colour (assuming you didn't edit the pictures ;P). your eyebrows have a nice and natural(looking?) arch.
also your eye makeup in the first pic is gorg!

i'm not a huge fan of the choppy black (or is it really dark brown?) hair. i think a dark (but not as dark, of course), rich brown with red tones would really compliment your face more. however, if black hair is what YOU want then definitely stick with it, because remember i'm just some random kid on the internet.

all that being said: i think you ARE pretty. maybe not supermodel gorgeous, but your face isn't awkward to look at or anything and you certainly are not ugly. of course, i haven't seen you in real life, but i can safely say you're at LEAST decent! :P again though, i do think you're pretty.


November 13 2007, 11:23:02 UTC 10 years ago

If you had a nose job, you'd be very pretty. I suggest you start saving up now. I'm taking a loan out to fix all of my flaws when I finish school =]


April 5 2009, 15:33:06 UTC 8 years ago

well you know all that usually matters is hairyou should get your bangs to the side and if you dyed it...dont
get a light blonde or brown color it would go great with your face
and no your not ugly