kellie69 (kellie69) wrote in low_self_esteem,

well i dont mean to harsh but i was looking through other ppl's posts on this and its obvous that ppl are crying out for help but no one is helping them. no reply backs for most of them. how are ppl meant to feel better or look at things in a different perspective if ppl dont talk or help them. all you need is someone to listen to ya
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i completely agree.. where's the love man!?

where's the love..
I'm always worried that people don't really want to hear what I have to say about my problems. I don't want to make others feel bad whenever they're around me.
its alrite hun il listen to ya if no one else will
plus if your afraid to post ur prob's on this SHOWS WHAT A BLEEDING bad community it is, its ment to help ppl and listen to ppl when there down
if you have msn ill give you my email and you can talk to me anytime your down
That's sweet of you. Thank you.
I got alot of responses...

But in a way, when someone posts a pic of themselves and I'll write something good about them, I reckon they wouldn't accept the compliments.

I have like the BDD symptoms. Crave compliments and yet never can truely accept them.

In a way, I feel stupid for posting a rant on a low esteem issue cos I get responses like "You're fine" and I am NOT.

So...ah, brain fuse has gone, dunno what Im on about!
i want compliments, for people to look at me..but whenever they tell me something postivie or nice..I don't usually accept it. I'll challenge it or just say thank you and not believe it. But I love your icon! Very purtty! lol, Your cool..I added you to my friends! Add me? xo
1- love ur icon
2- yea ur right
thanx my best mate jodie made it. do you really think so
ahh i love how u say "mate". i bet u have an awesome accent! (irish is it?).

yessumm and no its a gay axcent