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Getting A Few Things Of My Chest

While at a local punk rock gig this weekend while in the toilets i overheard some girls being really nasty about me saying stuff like "Shes fat and ugly, no one even likes her why does she come to these gigs? no one wants her here" im not sure whether they knew i was in one of the cubicles or not but these things still hurt me and once they had left i ran over to where some of my friend were sitting and spent most of the evening friends were quick to reassure me but i always assume people will hate me and the things these girls said make these feelings of unacceptance rise up again...personally ive always hated the way i look no matter how many people tell me im cute/pretty or gorgeous...things people have said to me my whole life make me think the opposite. Ive even had family members {aunts and uncles} tell me im ugly and that i should lose some weight. yes im not happy with it and yes i diet but im not about to take a quick fix diet or become bulimic.
I have a general distrust of most people especially men ever since my stepfather {who has since left us} hit both me and my mum...he also held up a knife to my throat...and was the starter of my untrusting nature.
I dont know what im trying to portray over then that i think people dont like me cause of this untrusting thing cause i seem untouchable or so ive been told.
Anyway i had to get all that off my chest.


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You're not ugly OR fat. Some people just like to be bitches and assholes. They love making people feel lower than themselves. Don't let their words overpower you. They aren't worth it.
I reckon you're cute x
I have to second a lil more than cute dear. I reckon your hawtlikewhoa. Lol, don't let those poseurs fuckin' JEALOUSY get to you. Their just trying to cover for their own insecuirities. Damn buttmunches -nice way to put it lightly, eh? Lemme just put it this way..when a complete stranger as myself tells you your means a lil' more than you think. ;-) Xo, don't be down..I think your beautiful.
thank you soo much doll, hawtlikewhoa though? hmmm too much hip hop for you m'dear! hehe
lol, anytime sweetie. sounds funny. I don't like hip all. Lol.
Your not fat and ugly at all. Fuck those bitches. They're probably just jealous anyways. *hugs* It sounds like you've been through a lot but just remember what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

I was made fun of in Jr. High a lor and ignored in high shool. People really need to learn how to treat others better.
Don't mind their comments. They're just bitches who are ugly. I have to say, you're really pretty, and I do NOT find you fat. I know what it's like to have family members call you ugly. My mom, dad, and brother in law have told me to wear more make up, and that I'd look "prettier." Ha! They don't know anything. You're really pretty. I know that. Don't mind their comments. They're just stuck up, and rude, and don't have lives. I'm sure you're a great person. Gerr..people like that make me mad!!! I hope you feel better soon:)

wow youre eyes and lips are absolutely gorgeous:|