itsmylife_ashe (itsmylife_ashe) wrote in low_self_esteem,

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new here

Hi guys, well my name is Ashe, I live in SC and well duh I have hardly any self esteem what so ever. Part of it (I think) comes from always being friends with the rich pretty (perfect) girls in school. a small part comes from the fact that I have never been loved, and the rest I think is the fact that im shy around almost everyone.
Anyhow, the actual normal friends that I have are out going and loud, so they really dont understand the trouble I have with self esteem, and of course I preppy ppl dont understand any form of conflict hardly so I could never talk to them about it. Sooo, thats what I'm here.
I'm fairly good at posting and commenting on communities and at the moment I'm making one of my own. But anyhow, hope yall dont mind my being here or anything, and I hope to be talking to some of you.

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