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well this new goal of mine is off to a good start!

Yesterday I started this workout, I did it for 35 minutes. I am about to go work out again before i get into the shower. Then off to apply for jobs.

I just hope that my motivation stays high for this workout? If I can continue doing this and find a job rather quick like, then maybe my mind will be too busy to think about my ex Buck, or think negative about myself.

I really need to stop doing that, it isnt my fault about Buck and I, I mean he is the one that ruined this relationship. It isnt my fault what that jerk Cory did to me. { to keep my privacy all I can say is that he " Taught me a Lesson " his words. } Buck kicked me while i was down, well its my turn to prove to these jerks, that i am too good for them, I am better than them, and most important, I am stronger than they think I am.

Hopefully that will keep my strive up and going.
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